We have teams at your disposal, even on very short notice, when you need a fully trained crew for repair, maintenance or emergency needs.

AVL Rail Services

To work better you also need to work smarter.

Our bridge deck refurbishing procedures in a great example of this. Utilizing the agility of the high-rail excavator with the specially built tie grapple to manipulate and slide bridge ties underneath the rail while also leveraging the efficiency of our rail jack, we replace small sections of 3 to 4 ties at a time as we go. This allows us to maintain the alignment of rail and for relatively quick closure of bridge if the need should arise. It also makes it safer for the men during the work in case they need to access both sides of the work area.

Our rail services is available 24 hours a day.

AVL Rail services has an extensive equipment at our disposal to get the job done right.

We even design and build our own equipment to get the job done better and faster. Like our patented rail jack which lifts the tracks three times quicker to replace ties with minimal track alignment deviation.

Our Services

- Bridges repair and refurbishment: concrete, steel and wood
- Track Maintainer & TIG Certified
- Mobile Maintenance Crew
- Concrete Structure and Culvert Rehab
- Track Construction
- Crossing Maintenance
- Thermite Welding - 24/7 Emergency Crew

Inventing better tools to serve you.

When better tools are needed and they don’t exist. We won't let this deter us. We invent them. Our best example is our patented tie lifting jack. With this new tool, we can lift rails 3 times faster than other current lifting systems being used while keeping a better rail alignment in the process.

Got any questions? Don`t hesitate to ask 24/7.