AVL Rail Services

A decade of diverse experience.

At AVL Rail Services, we have a solid reputation for uncompromised quality of work and service level. True to AVL’s core philosophy, our qualified professionals of the Rail Service team bring an unmatched attention to detail with an equally impressive response time. Our years of experience in road infrastructure and concrete work certainly carry over to our Rail Services offering. AVL Rail Services is a division of AVL Construction Group Ltd

You can count on reliable service and performance.

AVL Rail Services

We offer fully trained crew for repair, maintenance or emergency needs.

Our Rail Services are provided by an e-RailSafe accredited full-service crew which has also received rail safety and maintenance training from the Sandy Cooke Railway Training Solutions. AVL is also a member of the Railway Association of Canada.

We adhere to strict compliance regulations and requirements.

Providing the best possible machinery.

The high-rail excavator comes with a variety of attachments that can quickly transform to undertake many jobs such as replacing culverts, compacting soils, repairing headwalls, fixing mud spots, ditching, brush cutting, blowing switches, lifting heavy objects and manipulating ties. The versatility and agility of these units means the jobs are done faster and safer than before.

AVL Rail Services

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