AVL Rail Services

Rail systems are vital to the transportation networks and the economy.

Your AVL Rail Services experts have the right accreditation and equipment to repair and upgrade your rail and bridge infrastructure to keep your rail traffic moving safely and on time. There is no compromise when it comes to rail safety. Our team of qualified professionals can fix and refurbish your rail infrastructure back to the highest standards in the industry. We can help you protect your investment and maintain your most vital assets.

We have the equipment to get the job done right.

AVL Rail Services

Our role is to ensure that we help our clients and contribute to the rail industry.

AVL Rail Services is a leader for innovative practices and tooling to minimize downtime and maximize work quality. By utilizing a hi-rail mini excavator and our patented rail lifting jack, we can replace ties in half the time of conventional methods.

  • 201B, Drummond Station Road, Drummond, New Brunswick